Scrap Construction Paper Craft Ideas

Scrap Construction Paper Craft Ideas

Scrap Construction Paper Craft Ideas

At Wonderland School they took leftover construction paper (scrap paper) and instead of throwing it away used it for a variety of crafts that you can do in your class too with leftover construction paper!

Fall-themed scrap paper scenes

One craft involved the children taking Fall colors (red, orange, yellow) and making a scene themed for Autumn. Whether falling leaves, a turkey, or a warm fire, the colors really made it pop!

One student (as seen above) really focused on the fires!

Pet-themed images

Some students made portraits of their pets out of the scrap paper for one activity!

Neighborhood Picture

Another fun craft had students both drawing and gluing scrap paper down to create an image of their neighborhood! Clearly, there are many great uses of scrap paper besides tossing it out!

Source for photos: Wonderland School

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Scrap Construction Paper Craft Ideas
November 20, 2020
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