Spaghetti Rainbow

Thanh Nguyen
Spaghetti Rainbow

My students had fun mixing the different colored spaghetti together. It's slimy and slips through their fingers easily. To enhance the play, I put insect toys into the spaghetti for our little friends to look for them. This great activity not only encourages to stimulate sensors but also helps our little ones to learn colors.

How to dye spaghetti:

1. I first boil the spaghetti with water.

2. Then I rinse it through cold water to prevent it from continuing cooking.

3. I get 5 top zip bags for 5 different colors. I use food colors instead of washable paints.

4. I drop 15 drops of the desired food colors in each bags and add 15 drops of water.

5. I put a good amount of spaghetti into each bag and start mixing it.

6. I leave them sit for 15 minutes then rinse again through cold water to make sure the colors won't stay on hands.

7. Our colored spaghetti is ready to play.

Spaghetti Rainbow
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Spaghetti Rainbow
July 23, 2021
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