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Spring/Autumn provocation

Spring/Autumn provocation

This activity could work for any time of the year. We used a branch we found in the school field. And then used tissue paper so the students could decorate it and the end result was a beautiful branch with all the beautiful spring colours. For autumn it could be the same just using orange, red and yellow tissue paper to make it an autumn branch.

We then talked about what what happening with the trees in the spring and for fall it could be an extension of what happens with the leaves first and then what happens after they change colours.

For more extensions with the branch we also talked about what animals made their house in the trees.

I feel like this could be extended in so many ways. Depending on the time of the year.

During the spring you can talk about the life cycle of a flower as the students decorate the branch with paper pretend flowers. Hope you enjoy this activity.


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Spring/Autumn provocation
October 17, 2022
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