Spring Flowers Alphabet Tracing Activity

Spring Flowers Alphabet Tracing Activity

Spring Flowers Alphabet Tracing Activity

Spring is a wonderful time to teach young children about flowers and the alphabet. This simple activity combines the two and is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. With just a few supplies, you can create a fun and educational activity that will keep your little ones engaged and learning.


4 sheets of paper


Marker or pen

Laminator (optional)


Print out the 4 sheets of paper.

Cut out the flower cards, each with a different letter of the alphabet written on it.

Printable Alphabet Tracing Activity

Lay out the flower cards on a table or the floor, as if they were a garden.

Give each child a sheet of paper with the alphabet on it.

Have the children take turns picking up a flower card and tracing the letter on their alphabet sheet that corresponds with the letter written on the card.

Repeat until all the letters have been traced.


To make the activity more durable, laminate the flower cards and alphabet tracing sheet so that they can be used multiple times.

Use this activity as a spring or flower-themed lesson plan.

This activity can be used for individual, group, or self-directed learning.

By combining the beauty of spring flowers with the fun of alphabet tracing, this activity is sure to engage and educate young children. Happy teaching!

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Spring Flowers Alphabet Tracing Activity
April 24, 2023
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