Teaching my first group

Mariel Sabido
Teaching my first group

Hi, I´m new at being a teacher. And I love it.

So this is for any new teacher like me. I teach preschoolers and anybody that has been around a preschool aged kid know how much they love crafts. In one of my classes, we were about butterflies and their life cycles, my biggest challenge with them, surprisingly, was to get them interested in other aspects of the butterfly's life other than when it turns pretty. so I got hold of a bunch of videos of the other life stages of the butterfly and did little crafts based on them. I don´t have pics of all of them so I´ll only be able to show some, but what they did amazed me. So ever since I´ve tried adding crafts to some of the topics I´m teaching.

Teaching my first group
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Teaching my first group
May 8, 2023
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