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Teaching numbers

Beyza Nur
Teaching numbers

Teaching numbers to young learners. We played a game called "catch the fish and say the number". My students tried to catch the fish by using the rod. When they lift the fish up, they said the number written on it. The other students made sure he/she said the correct word by saying yes or no.

How to make:

Start by cutting your fish from eva papers. Then, get your magnets and stick them with silicone gun as fish eyes.

Now, you can try to cut some kelp and other stuff to make it like its actually under water.

Take a stick. Tie a rope to it and attach paper clip. Make sure it is actually strong enough to hold the fish. You have your rod.

Lastly, write down the numbers onto the fish.

Have fun with your students!

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Teaching numbers
November 26, 2023
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