Three Billy Goats Gruff Storyboard Craft

Three Billy Goats Gruff Storyboard Craft

Three Billy Goats Gruff Storyboard Craft

At Safari Kid Sacramento Preschool, they read the wonderful children's book, "Three Billy Goats Gruff." After reading the story the kids wanted to make their own storyboards breaking-down the story about the goats who face a troll at a bridge. The children had a fantastic time making intricate storyboards!

Some of the kids made their bridges three-dimensional to help them make a storyboard about the goats as they encountered the troll. It was a super clever artistic decision.

The children used their illustrative skills to draw the billy goats as well and had fun as they drew the troll too. It was so much fun listening to the story and then making storyboards breaking-down the full story.

Source for photos: Safari Kid Sacramento

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Three Billy Goats Gruff Storyboard Craft
October 13, 2020
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