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Turkey sheets and turkey wind sock activity

Sabrina F McGregor
Turkey sheets and turkey wind sock activity

I'm pretty excited to use these work sheets. I really can't find any worksheets for Thanksgiving. And came across these and I'm really excited. The children in my class will be so excited to work on these. I have young 3s but they love to do work. And these themed ones they are going to love love.

I am also adding a picture of one of our may turkey crafts we are making. It's a turkey wind sock. With a brown sheet of paper, crepe paper, eyes, and some paper feathers. Then punch holes on sides to hang with yarn. smile these will look so cute when they are hung up around the classroom. I reallynthink the parents will enjoy the worksheets sent home. And also thisncute project i shared. smile

Turkey sheets and turkey wind sock activity
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Turkey sheets and turkey wind sock activity
November 2, 2023
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