Activities for theme Feelings and emotions

Activities for theme Feelings and emotions

When children and young people can recognise and talk about different feelings it can help them have a better understanding of how to deal with them. These activities will help you talk about feelings and think together about how to cope with difficult emotions in a positive way.

A Story About Emotions

The Colour Monster

Emotion & Feelings Wheel Activity

A visual aid to help understand our emotions.

Sentence Starters

Useful prompts for children who are struggling to express the way they feel.

Emotional Check-In Activity

This resource supports children & young people to express their feelings and also identify why they are feeling a particular way.

Relax Like a Cat!

A relaxation technique for children.

Managing Emotions

These tools are designed to help children understand and manage their emotions and feelings, and stay calm and in control in the classroom.

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Activities for theme Feelings and emotions
July 3, 2023
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