Activity on typical dishes created with plasticine(edited)

Teacher Annie
Activity on typical dishes created with plasticine(edited)

Activity on typical dishes created with plasticine(edited)

In these last weeks we have begun to work with the issue of children around the world and we had to work with the typical dishes of some countries. To do it in a different and fun way, we decided to work with plasticine. We also managed to get the saucer playsets to create these foods. We had the opportunity to create pasta with meatloaf, sushi, pizza, breads, desserts, and other delicious foods like tacos. We love working with clay as it is a sensory material, easy to handle and with which children love to play. I hope you like it and have the opportunity to carry out the activity.

Recommendations for carrying out the activity: Use plasticine which the children can easily mold and of different colors. Read one or more educational books or videos for children in which the different typical dishes from different parts of the world are presented and that are known and easy to copy. Let the child choose which food to make. In the end they can play restaurant.

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Activity on typical dishes created with plasticine(edited)
September 11, 2021
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