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Arctic Animals Poster

Arctic Animals Poster

Arctic Animals Poster

This poster is a great way for children to learn about some of the most famous animals in the Arctic.

Arctic is one of the two coldest places on planet Earth, the other is obviously the Antarctic! Kids love learning about the climate and the animals that live there.

Arctic Animals Poster for Kids

Types of Arctic Animals

There are many different animals that live in the arctic. Arctic wildlife have special adaptations that enable them to survive in their icy environment.

Arctic animals:

Polar bear

Arctic fox




Snowy owl

Arctic tern


Arctic Wolf

How to Download the Clothing Files

The poster can be downloaded for free! These files are just one gift of many you are sent upon sharing a post here on TeachersMag.com and you can click here to learn more .

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Arctic Animals Poster
October 5, 2023
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