BreadBoard Project

Ekundayo Akinremi
BreadBoard Project

Making a Simple Circuit Using a Breadboard



Jumper Wires

9v Battery

9v Battery Connector


Led light


How to make a simple Circuit

Step 1: Connect the switch to any point on the breadboard

Step 2: Connect a jumper wire from a point on the switch to any point on the breadboard(in series)

Step 3: Connect the Positive terminal of the Led from the front of the above wire to any point on the bread board

Step 4: Connect resistor from the negative terminal of the led to any point on the breadboard

Step 5. Connect a Jumper wire from behind the resistor to a negative terminal

Step 6: Connect a Jumper wire from positive terminal of the breadboard to the other point of the switch

Step 7: Connect your 9v wire.

Please Note: This is a Series Circuit so every connection should be done in series and also, connect your 9v connector to your 9v battery accurately

BreadBoard Project
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BreadBoard Project
March 3, 2022
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