Career day for preschool

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Career day for preschool

Career day for preschool

For career day, I wanted to hear from the children about their parents. With Covid making visitors difficult to visit, I made something to send home. (We normally have parents visit our classroom and share what they do.) I wanted it simple enough for 3 year old to do it. I sent home the worksheet for them to do at home. I also wanted to hear about their parents jobs in a positive light. And I wanted to have the children learn what their parents do and how they help others. All jobs are important and that's what I wanted to highlight.

I kept the format simple so that the children could draw and decorate it as much as they like. What they do as "work" is important and I wanted that to show also.

This also gave them an opportunity to talk in a "large" group. They are proud of their parents and love talking about them. So I thought it would be easy to get in front of their peers.

It has a space to draw a picture and two sentences to finish. They say:

1) I help others by

2)What I like best about my job is

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Career day for preschool
March 25, 2022
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