Clay Bowl Painting

Clay Bowl Painting

Clay Bowl Painting

At Olivia's Montessori Preschool, the students had a fantastic time painting pottery bowls from, "Seize the Clay," who brought the bowls that were then painted with special paint that then turned into beautiful glazed paint once put in the kiln.

Beautiful bowls!

All of the bowls that got painted were gorgeous in unique ways. The children were intrigued to think that the paint they were using was special in that it would withstand the heat of the kiln and result in the paint giving everything a beautiful glaze. The kiddos discussed how for a future craft they would like to maybe make the bowls out of clay and have them be made solid, a fun idea for a future activity--and one that would put a kiln to good continued use!

Source for photos: Olivia's Monetessori Preschool

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Clay Bowl Painting
October 13, 2021
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