Community Helpers Sheets About Tailors and Teachers

Community Helpers Sheets About Tailors and Teachers

Community Helpers Sheets About Tailors and Teachers

These sheets about community helpers involve doing activities themed for tailors and teachers! One is focused on matching and the other is about noticing errors in drawings of flowers that the students submitted to the teacher.

The profession of a tailor activity.

For this activity, you need to match the objects on the smaller cards to the large picture of the sewing workshop. Some of the items draw on the cards will not be in the big picture, can you identify which ones?

The profession of a teacher drawing activity.

This activity involves helping the teacher grade the students' drawings of flowers. You need to arrange cards with all the children's drawings of a flower in order of decreasing errors. Consider the shape and number of petals and leaves, the shape and size of the vase, and so forth.

How to download sheets

You can download these and other printable activities from our website for free. Read more on how to do this here.

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Community Helpers Sheets About Tailors and Teachers
March 12, 2021
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