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Crafty handmade cactus

Crafty handmade cactus

Fold a piece of green card stock in half and trace your child’s left hand on it, with the pinky side on the fold line. Cut the handprint out, making sure to leave the entire left side of the handprint uncut. This will be the fold line for the card.

Use the black marker to make spines all over the cactus handprint.

Draw a half oval shape on the pink paper that’s a little wider than your child’s handprint to serve as the pot. Make a small sliver on the dark pink paper to serve as the water tray. Cut both out.

Glue the water tray to the bottom of the plant pot, then glue the pot/tray piece to the bottom of the handprint cactus.

Using the glue, attach the mini flower embellishments all over the handprint cactus.

Open the card and write a sweet message to Mom!

This easy handprint craft is a great keepsake that Mom and Grandma will treasure for years to come.

If you’re planning on doing this craft with a group of kids or in a classroom, you can easily substitute the paper flower embellishments for flower stickers or simply leave them off altogether.

Either way, this cactus DIY Mother’s Day card is a fun activity kids will love creating for Mom!

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Crafty handmade cactus
August 23, 2022
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