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Exploring colors

Sarita Veps
Exploring colors

This month we are exploring colors with the kids with diffrent crafts and games. We have 14 2-3 year-olds in our group. We've listend some songs about colors and played a fishing game were they fish different colour fishes.

We made some fizzing colour art. Kids loved it it it was quite something different for them. Technique and the materials we used were new to them. They laughed and look amazed when their artwork started fizzing.

Materials you need

Food colors



Baking soda

Watercolor paper

Mix food colors and water in some small container. Let the kids spread generous amount of baking soda on the paper. Use pipets to drop the colored water on the paper. Once the water hits the soda, it starts fizzing and foaming.

Exploring colors
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Exploring colors
December 2, 2023
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