Farm Sensory Bins

Lenora Cabral
Farm Sensory Bins

Farm Sensory Bins

These Bins with farm animals and corn kernels fine motor, sorting, math are all obtained by one bin. These types if Bins work well in my classroom of 2 to 3 yo dumping and pouring stage of development. The farm animals I obtained for free on Pintrest. After playing with the farm animals we then used water play to give the farm animals bath using cups syringes tooth brushes the pigs had been rolling around in the mud, the cows had hay coats, the goats chickens and dogs we Dusty from all the dirt. We discussed how they got dirty open ended questions were asked. The sounds they were making during their baths what colors were they .

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Template Farm Animals for Feeding

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Farm Sensory Bins
April 17, 2023
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