First Day of Preschool Crown-Making Craft

First Day of Preschool Crown-Making Craft

First Day of Preschool Crown-Making Craft

At Yana's Home Preschool they had a fantastic first day! Some schools start after Labor Day and that was the case with Yana's Home Preschool where they were excited to celebrate the start of the school year. This new year was kicked off with the students making crowns to commemorate the occasion.

Amazing crowns

The students loved coloring their beautiful crowns and getting to know one another. It was fun introducing everyone to their fellow students and seeing old friends again. The crowns all reflected everyone's creativity and are just one example of fun activities to kick off a new school year and spur conversations to encourage everyone to make new friends or discuss how the Summer was with old buddies!

Source for photos: Yana's Home Preschool

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First Day of Preschool Crown-Making Craft
September 13, 2021
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