Food Pyramid Stacking Activity for Kids

Food Pyramid Stacking Activity for Kids

Food Pyramid

This activity involves stacking a food pyramid to create a completed version. It is a fantastic way for young children to both practice their puzzle skills and learn about proper nutrition.

The bigger parts of the food pyramid represent foods that are important to eat more of and the smaller sections indicate what students need to be aware they should eat less of.

Building the Food Pyramid

As they build the pyramid they'll see how the Grain Group is at the bottom and makes up a majority of our diet, followed by the Vegetable Group and Fruit Group which represent the second level of the food pyramid as we eat a large amount of them (a little more vegetables than fruits). Above that is the Milk Group and Meat Group which represent a smaller (but still important) portion of our diet and which we eat and are near the top of the pyramid. At the very top and which we only should eat a very small amount of are Fats & Sweets.

6 sheets

How to Download These Games

The file package which contains this printable food pyramid can be downloaded completely for free. Just simply click here to learn more.

Also, the sheet with the food pyramid can be bought on this website.

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Food Pyramid Stacking Activity for Kids
February 7, 2020
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