Reindeer Food Craft for Kids

Reindeer Food Craft for Kids

Reindeer Food Craft for Kids

At ABC Learning Center, they made the colorful and fun craft known as reindeer food! Santa is famous for having his sleigh of presents be pulled by magical flying reindeer and the kids were excited to make special and magical treats for them! They were told they could leave the reindeer food out on Christmas eve along with any milk and cookies they put out for Santa and the reindeer will surely appreciate the grub!

Materials to make reindeer food

Making reindeer food is simple and requires just the following items:



*Ziploc bag

*Other optional items such as dried fruit, birdseed, etc.

How to make reindeer food

To create reindeer food follow these steps:

1. Get your Ziploc bag.

2. Put your oats, glitter, and anything else you want to feed the reindeer in the Ziploc bag.

3. Shake the bag to mix all the food up!

4. Take your bag of reindeer food home and put it out on Christmas eve!

Source for photos: ABC Learning Center

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Reindeer Food Craft for Kids
December 22, 2020
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