Stacking Apples Challenge

Cherish Basmayor
Stacking Apples Challenge


I filled balloons with rice to represent apples. I used red, green and yellow colours. (You can use other fillers such as flour, salt, even beans, and lentils, whatever is available).

Stacking Apples Challenge

Read the book: Ten Apples Up on Top

As I read, I counted with the students the apples that were on top of the animals' heads.

Then challenge the students to see how many apples they can stack without falling.

The students were challenged to count as they stack each of the apples. They are also reminded that they are not allowed to support the 'apple tower' with anything. It needs to be free-standing.

It is also important to set the rules with the students not to take all the apples in the basket but only take what they need.

I also asked the students to call me when they think their tower is hight enough so I can take a picture of it with their name card for documentatin.

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Stacking Apples Challenge
October 21, 2021
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