STEM Paper Snowman Challenge

STEM Paper Snowman Challenge

STEM Paper Snowman Challenge

At the Learning Tree Childcare Center-South, they did a fun STEM activity! The children were challenged to come up with their own snowman designs out of pieces of paper. The children crumbled-up the paper and tried to stack it to make snowmen. They had to carefully crumble and alter their paper so that it could be properly stacked. Some kids even wore winter gloves for an additional challenge as worked to create their own paper snowmen!

Careful paper crumbling

The kiddos were very precise as they were handed pieces of paper and crumbled them up in a manner that made them stackable. They discussed how gravity makes the pieces of paper fall down and that by having a wide enough surface area they could keep their pieces from tumbling and stack them. It was a great introduction to STEM concepts.

Source for photos: The Learning Tree Child Care Center-South

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STEM Paper Snowman Challenge
December 18, 2020
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