Fun Activities with my awesome kids

Sun Kim
Fun Activities with my awesome kids

Fun Activities with my awesome kids

We have only a few small classes but nobody can stop us to study fun English in this Covid situation.

There are 20 beautiful kids and they are all energetic and enthusiastic!

It is hard to get together because of Covid-19 situation, but we are all trying hard to study!

We sometimes sing songs. We study Verbs! When I write verbs, the students come front and draw about the words.

We also dance and sing in the class.

We study adjectives!

It is hard to memorize all the English words but we have colorful flashcards that always help us to improve! Before the class, the students read out loud those cards.

Simply we use sticky notes and posts them in front of nouns.

My students are from age of 8 up to 17! They are all awesome and silly!

Unfortunately, the high schoolers learning and preparing hard for College Entrance Exam all year long. They read tons of books and English articles and take exams every month to prepare for the test.

I love my kids and hopefully the situation gets better so I will be able to study all together!

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Fun Activities with my awesome kids
September 5, 2021
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