Letter A-Themed Fun Activities for Kids

Letter A-Themed Fun Activities for Kids

Letter A-Themed Fun Activities for Kids

At Silly Monkeys Childcare & Preschool, they spent the week learning all about the letter A and doing activities themed for it which were great fun! The kids had a stellar time creating art, learning, and playing games!

The children made illustrations of airplanes and learned about how they fly.

The kids learned all about ants and made an art project about ants in someone's pants--it was funny!

Everyone did a fun sorting activity with different colored balls that needed to be, "Picked," off of trees, and put in the correctly colored bins.

The children examined different kinds of apples and then learned about the parts of an apple. All the A-themed activities were so great!

Source for photos:Silly Monkeys Childcare & Preschool

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Letter A-Themed Fun Activities for Kids
October 3, 2020
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