Fun Sticker-Related Activities

Fun Sticker-Related Activities

Fun Sticker-Related Activities

At E91 Early Learning Full-Day Care and Preschool they had a fantastic time doing a number of activities with stickers! The kids loved taking stickers and putting them down for the assorted fun tasks they did.

Spelling Names Out of Stickers

The children loved when they looked at their name traced-out with a marker and then covered it with stickers to spell their name in bright colors!

Sticker Path Creation

The kids saw how a path had been traced with a marker and they needed to follow it with stickers by covering the path. The children enjoyed closely following the path with their stickers.

Sticker Color Matching

The children practiced their color matching abilities by studying sheets of construction paper that had been hung-up and then matching the correctly colored stickers onto the construction paper.

Source for photos: E91 Early Learning Full-Day Care and Preschool

Fun Sticker-Related Activities
August 20, 2020
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