Learning-Themed School Decor

Learning-Themed School Decor

Learning-Themed School Decor

At Learning Tree Preschool, they had two different decor assortments themed for learning! These decorations are great as they can be put up at any time of the year when you want to emphasize how proud you are as a teacher of your students for their hard work at learning! As can be seen above, one piece of decor is themed for a box of crayons, with each student's name upon a crayon--which was very clever!

Wild about learning

The other piece of decor described how the students were, "Wild about learning," with a, "Wild," safari theme. Between the monkey, elephant, and the kids on safari, it was a great piece of decor that also emphasized how fun learning can be! You can do learning-themed decorations at your school too for all to enjoy!

Source for photos: Learning Tree Preschool

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Learning-Themed School Decor
December 4, 2020
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