Outdoor Soapy and Foamy Fun

Outdoor Soapy and Foamy Fun

Outdoor Soapy and Foamy Fun

During the Summer one great way to cool off when you're outside is to play with cool water. The kids at Roseville Childcare spent some fun time outdoors adding soap to the water resulting in a bunch of foamy fun!

Getting outdoors and getting soapy

The kids used an assortment of pots, pans, and other utensils often found in the kitchen to have some great fun with the soap! They took big buckets of water, added dish soap, and then mixed it all up to get some good foam! It was nice and cool in the hot weather and encouraged a lot of creativity from the kids as they pretended the soap and water were all kinds of creative materials via dramatic play. It was a good day and once everyone was done playing they dried off!

Source for photos: Roseville Childcare

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Outdoor Soapy and Foamy Fun
August 9, 2021
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