Free Printables of the Parts and Life-cycle of a Pumpkin

Free Printables of the Parts and Life-cycle of a Pumpkin

One thing we often associate with the Fall is the fruit known as the Pumpkin! It is great fun during Halloween where we cut them up into Jack O’ Lanterns and they make delicious pies during Thanksgiving as well!

These free printables are great for discussing pumpkins as we’ve included ones that discuss the parts of a pumpkin (in color as well as with a black-and-white page for coloring) plus its life-cycle (with cards to practice putting each stage in proper order as well).

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Parts of a Pumpkin

The printable below contains the parts of a pumpkin helpfully labeled so that students can learn about how a pumpkin has leaves and a stem on its top, skin all around its outside, a thick pulp under the skin, and deep inside of the pumpkin are fibrous strands and its seeds.

Life-Cycle of a Pumpkin

This sheet below shows the life-cycle of a pumpkin and how it is cyclical. One can start by looking at a fully-grown pumpkin, take its seeds, have those seeds sprout, turn into a vine, which becomes a flower, grows into a green pumpkin, and then eventually is a fully grown-pumpkin–bringing us back in this circle of life! Also, we have cards that you can print-out and then have students arrange to match the order of the sheet!

And the cards you can print and have students put in the proper order.

Parts of a Pumpkin in Black-and-White

This printable is the same as the other one that labels the parts of the pumpkin but is in black-and-white so students can color it in for fun! They can make it an accurate color or if they are feeling creative make a picture that is full of wild colors like a purple pumpkins with red seeds or whatever they like!

If you need this picture of the life cycle to be different (you want it to have a different order, wording, or such) simply request it in the comments and we can add another version as well!

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free! Just click here to learn more.

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