Preschool Graduation Craft

Katie Desmarais
Preschool Graduation Craft

We made graduation crafts in my preschool class to celebrate my students moving onto kinder and my students moving from a 3y classroom to a 4yt out room. Due to a new work computer, I don't have access to the graduation printable we used, but here were the steps of creation for this activity:

Teacher steps:

1. cut out basic head shape using variety of colored paper (multiculturally appropriate)

2. cut out boy hair or girl hair (braided for simplicity) in colors that match student hair

3. cut out hand shapes in same color as body

4. cut out graduation hat shape in black

5. I purchased about a foot and a half of fringe ribbon from Hobby Lobby, then cut each knotted fringe piece off to use as tassel for hat

6. write out student high school graduation class onto construction paper pieces

Student steps:

1. discuss what students want to be when they grow up, using visuals and making it into a fun discussion (all answers acceptable)

2. students draw picture on paper and add their name/label as appropriate, having teacher add writing onto sentence

3. students glue picture onto favorite background color construction paper

4. students glue hair onto head, then add facial details with any necessary modeling from teacher

5. students glue head onto paper and hat onto head

6. students finish by adding graduation class onto picture while teacher discusses how students will move onto kinder, get older, and graduate from high school

I chose to include the high school graduation year for two reasons: 1. Their education isn't completed after preschool, so it shows that their education is moving on with them. 2. It shows what's possible for them, that they don't ever have to give up on working hard, especially if they come from a background where it has been difficult to pursue education.

Preschool Graduation Craft
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Preschool Graduation Craft
April 3, 2022
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