Free Sorting By Size Printables

Free Sorting By Size Printables

Free Sorting By Size Printables

These activity worksheets help children practice sorting the images by size.

By using these free printables, students can learn more about ordering things from smallest to largest and vice-versa. Students can put the bears or Christmas trees that are printed and cut-out on the background images in the proper order.

Size Sorting Worksheets

When it comes to the total number of sheets they are as such:

  • Backgrounds: Two sheets.
  • Polar Bears: Two sheets.
  • Christmas Trees: Two sheets.

There are the two different backgrounds one each sheet. Then there is one sheet with four polar bears and another sheet with two mega-sized polar bears. Similarly, the Christmas trees are four on one sheet and two mega-sized Christmas trees on their own sheet. This results in a total of six bears and six Christmas trees. Depending on the age and skills of the children you can mix-and-match the sizes to a point where they only have to put the mega-sized ones in order, use the regular-sized ones, or a combination!

How to Download For Free!

If you would like to download the files for these free sorting by size printables then you can do so for free! Click here to learn how to download everything at no cost to you!

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website.

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Free Sorting By Size Printables
December 23, 2019
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