Space Unit Week 1: Earth, Moon and the Sun

Shaleen Hill
Space Unit Week 1: Earth, Moon and the Sun


We completed our first week of our Space Unit. We focused on the Earth, moon and sun the first week. The 2nd week was the solar system/planets.

I wanted to share a fun painting craft for the moon.


large circle

black and white paint

Students made foil into balls. We mixed black and white paint to make grey, but it also helps give depth to moon. Dobber up and down with the foil ball to create the crater look of the moon. We also had super fun discussions about why the moon has craters, walking on the moon and so on.

Space Unit Week 1:  Earth, Moon and the Sun

The 2nd group made the earth out of playdough. They

were given blue and green playdough. After they made earth, we encouraged them to make their own planet or the sun.

They loved mixing the playdough (so taboo lol)

The last center was making a sun. Each student cut out 3 yellow triangles and 3 orange triangles. They glued them to a yellow circle then added pre cut black sunglasses.

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Space Unit Week 1: Earth, Moon and the Sun
February 26, 2022
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