Telling Gingerbread Stories for Christmas

Telling Gingerbread Stories for Christmas

Telling Gingerbread Stories for Christmas

For the recent Christmas holiday, they did a fun storytelling craft with construction paper gingerbread figures at Little Tree Preschool.

Telling gingerbread stories

The children used a variety of craft supplies to make their gingerbread person. Some made the figure look just like a version of them and others chose to make unique figures!

Kiddos wrote about their gingerbread people in various ways. Many of them said if they were boys, girls, tall, short, or etc. They also wrote what their gingerbread people liked to do for fun and signed their worksheets with their names. The creativity that was displayed by the students was impressive and their creations were wonderful! It was a superb Christmas craft!

Source for photos: Little Tree Preschool

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Telling Gingerbread Stories for Christmas
December 29, 2021
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