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Trying Fruit and Vegetables

Trying Fruit and Vegetables

Trying Fruit and Vegetables

This lesson was aimed at Early Years Foundation Class. The children brought in different types of fruits and vegetables for a Show and Tell Lesson, we had a great variety to taste!

Some of the children hadn’t tried grapefruit before, so this was an exceptional day. Not all the children liked all the fruits and vegetables but were encouraged to at least have on small bite, which they did!

You can tell by the photo that they thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and could quite easily name all the fruits and vegetables, even though they are not native English speakers.

They have asked to take part in another lesson, so we are arranging a daily lesson for the rest of the week, I will bring in 1 vegetable and 1 piece of fruit for them to try, we will discuss where it came from, whether it’s a fruit or vegetable, color, size and then obviously the taste.

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Trying Fruit and Vegetables
November 20, 2022
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