Ukulele Craft With Elastic Bands and a Paper Plate

At Weldon Elementary Global Academy in Weldon North Carolina, the Pre-K teacher–Ms. Latonia Sykes Vincent–did this exciting DIY musical instrument craft with the kids!

The class discussed how U can stand for ukulele and practiced being musicians in the making! After assembling their ukelele’s they played popular songs like, “Old Town Road,” and said how, “Can’t nobody tell me nothing!”

How the Ukuleles Were Crafted

The students created their DIY ukuleles by first taking a paper plate and gluing a Popsicle stick to it. They also glued buttons on the Popsicle sticks to look like frets. Then they decorated their ukuleles’ body with paper hearts they also glued upon their paper plate. Lastly, they looped elastic bands around the paper plate to create the, “Strings,” for their ukuleles. Once they did all that the ukulele was done and ready to play fun tunes! It was a fun-filled activity for everyone!

Pre-K Teacher Latonia Sykes Vincent
Weldon Elementary Global Academy
Weldon, NC, United States

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Author: .Olivia Johnson

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