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Water Pollution Science Activities

Chen-ju Lin
Water Pollution Science Activities

Water Pollution Science Activities

In this "water pollution" lesson, the teacher first play a short movie related to animals lived in the polluted sea and how they fight for their living.

Second, the teacher shows the flash cards to students and teach children what pollution is and how they are classified: water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. The teacher then display three types of pollution with three jars in each. one with smoke inside, one with plastic type of garbage in sand, and one with garbage floating in water. students learn to name them and classify them.

Teacher then prepare a big water tank with sea animal toys and plastic garbage. children need to pick up the recycles (bottle tops) from water tank and place them in the recycling bin. They need to be careful not to get the fish or other animals in the tank. Then we read a story related to the topic. After that, we do an experiment on water filteration. Children also record what they find on paper.

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Water Pollution Science Activities
March 15, 2023
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