Activity using the cotton pads!!(The Trouble Grandad)

Junghee Woo
Activity using the cotton pads!!(The Trouble Grandad)

Activity using the cotton pads!!(The Trouble Grandad)

This is my son. He is just 43months old. Instead of going to kindergarten, he played this activity with me at home!

At first, we read a book, The trouble with Grandad, three or four times, I asked him each name of insects or animals in the book. Then I showed him a paper on which I put the cotton pads to describe the shapes of a caterpillar, a snail, and a spider. And I asked him to color each one using each different paints as they are in the book.

Recently, he has learned about shapes(stars, circle, triangle, rectangle,

Square, etc) and colors. It’s so useful activity for him to understand colors and shapes.

It took about 20minutes and after this activity, we cleaned the desk, washed hands together, post it on the wall. Sometimes when we reread this book. we look at the picture we posted before.

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Activity using the cotton pads!!(The Trouble Grandad)
January 15, 2021
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