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Bug BINGO for preschoolers

alexandra deschamps
Bug BINGO for preschoolers


We are working on insects in English with my French preschoolers. I've made a bingo board with 6 different bingo sheets. It's quite simple. I distribute one different board to each child and then I put in a hat the different bugs that are on all the sheet. So make sure you print out additional boards to cut out the bugs. The kids take turns drawing a bug card from the bag or box and then we say the name in English. It's a really fun game and gets everyone participating. After a first round the kids can swap boards so that they've worked with all of the vocabulary. You can do bug songs before and after the game. You can even play I spy and say " I spy with my little eye a little ladybug" then whoever has it on their sheet can quickly point to it and repeat the name. Then another bug is selected. This gets kiddos happy and excited to be the first to place their finger on the correct bug.

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Bug BINGO for preschoolers
September 20, 2022
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