Counting Mats for Doing Tooth-Related Activities

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Counting Mats for Doing Tooth-Related Activities

Below are two different kinds of counting mats that can both be used for tooth-related activities. They are great for building-up Math skills while having fun learning all about dental health!

Tooth Counting Mats

On these counting mats, there are already ten teeth, but only a certain number need to be filled in. Each of the ten sheets has written how many teeth need to be filled in on each sheet. Students then can either color-in on the mats however many teeth need to be filled in or put a token/marker on the correct number of teeth listed upon each sheet.

Mouth Counting Mats

These counting mats feature mouths that do not have any teeth–yet! Students can be assigned to put a particular number of teeth in each mouth. As for what should be used as teeth–they can easily utilize anything that looks like teeth such as mini-erasers, mini-marshmallows, or even small balls made out of white Play-Doh.

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