Creating Diversity Chains

Creating Diversity Chains

Creating Diversity Chains

At Quincy Early Childhood & Family Center, they did a diversity project a bit like the one we posted about the other day here and which serves as another great project to discuss diversity while doing some fun art!

Illustrating our diversity

The kiddos were told they could cut the shape of a person out of any color paper or construction paper they wanted and then color clothes onto them. The kids were told they could make themselves or just design a random person. The children made white people, black people, even purple people! The main idea was to show how we can all be different but still be friends.

Creating the chain

To make the actual diversity chain a long piece of yarn/string was used. Little holes were punched in the people and the yarn was weaved through them so that everyone was linked in a chain of diversity! It was a fun project and helped the children to talk about what makes us all diverse.

Source for photos:Quincy Early Childhood & Family Center

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Creating Diversity Chains
January 30, 2021
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