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Dinosaur Name Fossils

Monica Saunders
Dinosaur Name Fossils

This is a fun activity my students did during Dinosaur week. While exploring dinosaurs and fossils, the students signed in one day by making their own fossil of their name. This activity is a very simple activity to do. Just have students stick the letters in their name into slightly wet sand and then have them pull the letters up. The letters leave an imprint of each student's name. This activity is a good jump off point for discussing what fossils are as well as a fun activity to review 9learn0 the letters in a student's name. After learning about fossils, you could also have students make fossils from small plastic, toy dinosaurs and playdough that will harden after being set out for a awhile.

Dinosaur Name Fossils
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Dinosaur Name Fossils
March 1, 2024
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