Dinosaur-Themed Name Craft

Dinosaur-Themed Name Craft

Dinosaur-Themed Name Craft

They did a fun dinosaur-themed name craft at Kreative Kids Preschool! The children were given a sheet of paper with an outline of a dinosaur and then could incorporate their name onto the dinosaur however they wanted! The children used everything from markers to googly eyes, construction paper, and other craft supplies to make some impressive dinosaurs with their names displayed.

Dinos with students' names!

The kiddos had a fantastic time decorating the dinosaurs and making them look colorful and fun. It was a good activity for building literacy skills and using a variety of media styles for art from markers, to gluing things on, and just exercising their creative juices!

Learning about dinosaurs

The kiddos also loved simply learning about dinosaurs and how they lived 65 million years ago. Some were big, some were small, some ate meat, some ate plants, but they all were very cool!

Source for photos: Kreative Kids Preschool

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Dinosaur-Themed Name Craft
February 26, 2021
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