Dinosaur Fossil Craft

Dinosaur Fossil Craft

Dinosaur Fossil Craft

At Little Hummingbirds Preschool Lic, they did a really fun craft! The kids learned about dinosaurs and then after studying pictures of fossiled dinos they created their own dinosaur fossils with dry macaroni and glue! It is an easy craft to do with your students as well.

Materials needed for the dinosaur fossil craft

To do this craft you need the following:

*Pictures of fossilized dinosaurs (for reference)

*Black construction paper


*Dried macaroni noodles

*White crayon

How to do the dinosaur fossil craft

To create your fossilized dinosaur, follow these steps:

1. Study your pictures of dino fossils and decide which one you would like to reproduce with your noodles and trace the shape with your white crayon on the black construction paper.

2. Lay down your glue in the shape of the dinosaur you want to make a fossilized version of.

3. Put your macaroni noodles on the glue until you've made a beautiful version of your chosen fossilized dinosaur.

4. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone your creation!

Source for photos: Little Hummingbirds Preschool Lic

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Dinosaur Fossil Craft
January 30, 2021
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