Emotions trolls for Peace day

Paula Diaz Bueno
Emotions trolls for Peace day

Emotions trolls for Peace day

For the Peace Day we downloaded the image of a troll and we had to colour it representing an emotion.

First I told them a story proposed by "Manos Unidas" in which a village of trolls had social problems since they were not able to control and understand their emotions.

Once, the story was understood, I divided the children in pairs so the students could share their ideas and collaborate with their mate in order to elaborate the troll.

Some of the emotions they chose were joy, sadness, anger, in love and disgusted.

They were given organs and parts of the body they could use to represent the emotion.

When they finished they had to present their troll to the rest of the class, explaining why they have chosen those body parts to represent that emotion and and example when they have felt that emotion.

The activity was quite motivating and the results were amazing.

I adjust some photos of the trolls they created.

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Emotions trolls for Peace day
March 20, 2022
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