Five Senses with Mr. Potato Head

Five Senses Paper Craft
Nurture Kids Preschool in Fremont
Fremont, California

Learning About the Five Senses With the Mr. Potato Head Paper Craft!

Mr. Potato Head is a longtime popular toy that has become even more famous thanks to his appearances in the beloved, “Toy Story,” movies. Because he can have his body parts both put-on and taken-off he is perfect for teachers to use with their preschoolers when talking about the 5 senses.

Mr. Potato Head and the Five Senses

Nurture Kids Preschool in Fremont (Fremont, California) had a great time working with their kids showing how important our five senses are to our everyday life. By putting pieces of paper that help us, “Sense,” on Mr. Potato Head the preschool students were about to study this fun topic. They learned how ears help us hear, eyes help us see, and what other senses do too!

Five Senses With the Mr. Potato Head Paper Craft

Try it Out

Make Potato Head with your kids. It is sure to be fun!

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