Having a Blast With a Water Day for Toddlers

Having a Blast With a Water Day for Toddlers

Having a Blast With a Water Day for Toddlers

Summer is winding down, but it is still quite hot in many areas. With that in mind, The Oaks Preschool had a fantastic time doing a water day for their toddlers!

They filled wading pools with some water and let the kids splash around!

The children chased wet beach balls about too! They tossed them to each other and threw them in the pools too so they could watch them float.

The toddlers loved the splash pad too. It squirted water up at them and they had so much fun running on it, getting hit with water, and running away.

Having a water day was a fabulous way for the kids to cool off and enjoy doing some outside activities. Everyone had a lovely time playing outside and getting splashed!

Source for photos: The Oaks Preschool

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Having a Blast With a Water Day for Toddlers
September 13, 2020
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