water drop painting

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water drop painting

I took the children from the senior class to paint in the Meilau District. The Xingxing children in the class did not come to the Mei Lao District very often. They didn’t know what to paint or how to paint. He took a brush dipped in yellow paint to rinse the pen, and then dipped it into red paint to rinse the pen. The water on the brush dripped onto the paper towel, and there was a faint color. Xingxing thought it was very beautiful and concentrated on dripping the paint. Other children saw it and thought it was very interesting, so they all played this new game. Therefore, our Banmei Lao District has this feature.

While playing, a child asked me, "Teacher, does this game have a name? If not, let's give it a name." After the children voted, it was finally decided to be "Drip Dye".

During this period, the children also used a lot of materials, such as paper towels, rice paper, white cloth, etc. The children's works became more and more, and the children said, "Teacher, I hope to display all our works." The children discussed ideas together with the help of the teacher, and now the children's drip-dyeing works are displayed in many places in the class.

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water drop painting
May 11, 2022
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