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How Bread is Made Preschool Activity

Sandra Vagale
How Bread is Made Preschool Activity

How Bread is Made Preschool Activity

Topics "How bread is made" - children learn about the process of making bread today and in ancient times. Expanding vocabulary by playing the board game "Flour dishes"

And building a bridge over the river (laid with blue fabric) to the mill, where you can take the grain by car!

Children learn to draw a grain of grain, a grain of corn to the mill.

Making a bun and acting out a fairy tale about the funny bread loaf that ran away from home.

To create an idea about how flour is made from grains, children are shown grinding grains in a coffee grinder.

Sensory games are related to getting to know the structure of various flour products - they are spread from dish to dish, sorted by type, determined by counting blindfolded.

In the poem "Grinding flour" pebbles are used, imitating how stones work in a mill.

It is important to learn about bread making at preschool age, I hope you succeed!

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How Bread is Made Preschool Activity
January 26, 2023
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