Learning All About Tadpoles!

Learning All About Tadpoles!

Learning All About Tadpoles!

At Coolibah Kids Family Day Care, they learned all about tadpoles and made their own pretend-habitats for tadpoles!

Tadpoles turn into frogs!

The students examined some real-life tadpoles in a container and learned how tadpoles grow from living in water to having legs and becoming frogs who live and walk on land! The children were amazed to learn about this transformation process and then made their own imaginary habitats for tadpoles with toys.

Creating a tadpole habitat

With an assortment of fun tadpole and frog-themed toys, the kids created their own faux-habitat for tadpoles and frogs. They took a big saucer of water and adding pretend rocks, grasses, flowers, plants, and some toy frogs. It looked just like a real habitat tadpoles and frogs would live within!

Source for photos: Coolibah Kids Family Day Care

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Learning All About Tadpoles!
February 8, 2021
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