Making Wood Paintings

Making Wood Paintings

Making Wood Paintings

At Country Grove Preschool they had a great time going outside to enjoy the nice weather and then making wood paintings! The children were given blocks of wood and took into account this unique texture as they painted whatever creations were on their minds. It was a fun activity and allowed the children to experiment with a different template for their creations by being wood!

Materials needed for making wood paintings

To make your own wood paintings you will need:

*A block of wood (can be found at craft stores)

*Paint--tempera or acrylic works well


How to make your wood paintings

To create your wood paintings, follow these steps:

1. Take your piece of wood and feel it with your hand. Note the textures and how it is more uneven than a regular canvas. Take this into account as you do the next steps.

2. Being painting your wood block with whatever creation you have in mind.

3. Wait for your paint to dry.

4. Show everyone your creation and repeat with more wood blocks as wanted!

Source for photos: Country Grove Preschool

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Making Wood Paintings
October 2, 2020
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